To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympic wrap-up

Ok, so here are the results of my missguided frenzy:

One pair of Husband Socks.
One pair of Little Boy Socks.
One hat for Little Boy I Babysit for on Tuesdays.
One Little Boy sock to the gusset.
Two t-shirts decorated in olympic logos for beijing
One knitted uterus, pocket size.
One Sister Scarf.
One Bird's Eye Shawl Swatch.

Of course, the saddest thing aobut this very sad output? the fact that I had SIX balls of


and had forgotten that they were at the bottom of the stash. Yes, lovely 100% silk that i picked up for pennies at a bargin bin. Yes it does very closely resemble infant feeces. Very closely indeed. This should not have stopped me, rather, it should have spurred me on to overcome my BodeMiller like over hyping and knit a very chic scarf or clapotis to gift upon some person. Gift with guilt. Can you just imagine the conversation?

"oh, lovely.....You knit this for me?" Giftee holds object at some distance from self. Apperance of diaper contents unmisstakable.
"Yes! Just for you especially. It is 100% silk from Torino Italy. Very precious." Knitter nods emphatically with wide eyes and heavy sigh.
"oh-uh...oh." Giftee thinks of where in closet this thing may be hidden.

This photo does not do justice to the depth and richness of the babypoo qualities possesed by this yarn. Only meeting it in person can truly convey the, 'oh my, who's dirty nappy has spilled onto your needles!?!" effect that it has.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

the boys are in socks

The little one can't keep his feet still. He must be five or something. The big one does just fine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bode and I, joined in olympic dissapointment

it's a good thing that i didn't register anywhere with my olympic project(s), as i am woefully behind. It seemed such a good idea to do one mini-project or job of finishing a day, and it still seems good. It's just i am DQ-ing it left and right. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the little socks on the little boy. Tonight I am Sleeeeeeeeeeeepy.

Best. Site. Ever

i am so late to the party, but I have to post this anyway....

Saturday, February 18, 2006


That avatar over in the right hand top corner. It looks nothing like me. But it is my secret fantasy of myself, to be sure. And the hair is not far off. Just add about 150 pounds and then you'll have me. But dag, that avatar looks good. So do little's boys socks! I swear i will never work in cotton so fine again, it is very drying on the hands. And the bamboo needles are not fast enough for it. I may break down and get metal ones. Even though the metal makes my hands cold. Haven't tried the teensy plastic ones from Bryspun, but i have been looking at them lustfuly....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

silver medal socks

The little boy has little feet, so here is a little sock done on US 1 little needles.

aaaaawwwwweeeee.....he's so little!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006



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Olympic project for today!

This is a hat for a boy I babysit, who is very elfin and cute. He asked me to make him a blue hat, unless I made him a green hat. It should be all blue, of course, unless it was green. Then it would be all green. And a pompom, please.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Agony of Defeat!

AH! I failed to medal in socks last night, as the husband socks pictured here (which were supposed to be done on tuesday the 7th) are shy about 6 rounds and a kitchener stitch. Sadness, day four! Curse you, day four! There was so much that I was actually watching, the speedskating, the snowboarding, the downhill alpine crashing! Sigh. Today will be different, today i will finish the socks and my chosen project!

Monday, February 13, 2006


I made the team california, the rest i am just collecting.

Gallery One

A Medusa tea cozy, not yet done.

From a Debbie Bliss book I loaned out and forgot to ever collect back! Hey, if you have it, could you return it please? I want to move on to entrelac!

A hat for ms. N, a year in the making. I rip a lot. I can be very type A in my knitting sometimes.

The hero of Canton, the hat they call 'Jayne's'!

A Christmas stocking from my grandmother's recipe.

A poncho for ms. V, because she needed one.

A shawl for the realtor who found me my awesome new house.

A worm inspired by Dune, formed with short rows on each mouth petal.

A scarf for my sister-in-law which she wore snowboarding.

Olympic Knitting

My Olympic theme project is one completed item every day. I had thought of doing a bird's eye shawl, but since the swatch was so consuming I decided that if I wanted to watch any events while knitting I'd need to tone it down a bit. And since I love to start but so seldom finish, a project *completed* each day seemed an attainable goal. The projects are not just knit items, but what I do knit will be posted here. The first knit project (but project three overall) came off the needles yesterday. It's a wee little womb, like the one featured at
I decided to do mine differently, going for a tweedy effect and having the ovaries as bobbles on the ends of the fallopian tubes. It's not exactly how I saw it in my head, but that's what you get from not following a pattern!