To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Summertime knitting

It's hot here. You wouldn't think that a move of three miles would make such a difference, but man does it ever. So the Knitting has shrunk. Now that my full time job has gone part time, and school doesn't start for two months, I may squeeze in more knitting time. We'll have to see, World of Warcraft has a fierce pull on me! Let's see what's on the needles:

This is the May Flowers shawl for the book "Knitter's Stash" I wanted my first shawl to be easy and encouraging, and this was both! It went quite quickly, in fact, with a supereasy repeat pattern that made for perfect movie knitting. It did not expand the 30% that was claimed, but i did use a different wool, so there you are. I think that i may add a sawtooth border onto it, and then mail it off to me mum.

Next up is a cardigan for Ms. D-. Now this project has been nearly a year in the planning, and she just put into my care her *favourite* cardigan so that i can get a good sense of what she likes and what fits her best. I am ordering the yarn today from knitpicks and I'm pretty psyched, since I will be adding cables and sort of 'designing' it myself. Could be fantastic, could be a nightmare in the making. We shall see.

Driving update: I haven't deployed the airbags yet. Things are going well. In fact, yesterday i drove BY MYSELF to the Laundromat and I had Alice Donut cranked up, and it felt kinda good! Who knew?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i have a driver's license. The end of a 17 year program has come to fruition. Be afeered, very very afeeeered!