To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virtual Knitting

Say hello to the Cunning Hats of Hyjal server, if you see us. We're not hard to miss.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Moby Knit!

So I have finally read Moby Dick. It was becoming a thing, y'know, like hating James Joyce.

No, i have never read Moby Dick.

But now i can't say that, because folks i have read it, and i love it. In fact, I am going to re-read it on my upcoming plance ride to NY to visit with The Moms. (and of course the rest of the familiy, but The Moms knits, and taught me to knit, so she gets top billing. Along with the whole life-giving thing, but really...:)

However, back to the Moby. I am going to knit a whole bunch of Cunning Hats for my WoW guild of the same name, and then it's time to knit in a literary inspired fashion. Sailor's caps, mostly, i'm sure.

Our recent family adventure on the Lady Washington (where i Knit upon the high(ish) seas) left the little boy most desirous for 17th century sailors' slops. This means i will have to dust off the sewing machine and take a stab at it.

Maybe i can get good at sewing, as i've always wanted to but never spent the time and effort furthering on. Maybe i'll just be entirely consumed by the PTA and the Little Boy's school, as seems to be the trend.

The Husband made a Rusty Nail for tonight's sip, and it was a potent concoction, i feel fair near to falling off this chair as i type.

The current knit list stands thusly:

The Hat of the Future Cousin: I found out that little boy's future cousin (on husband's side) is going to be a girl child, so an umbilical cord style hat has been cast on. I know this hat by heart now, it's lovely and mechanical, i can knit it anywhere. i've gotten 2 inches in,

The Super Mouse Hat: Cast on and finished within a week, an earflaps style hat done in grey with rounded mouse ears sewn on top. This was a birthday present for the little boy's current BFF in his kindergarten class.

Ms D's sweater: Blocked the sleves, nearly done with the bakc pannel. I should take a picture, casue it's taken me long enough, sheesh! i'm sure she hates me by now. i hang my head in shame.

Doctor Who Scarf of Improbable Length: It's rilly rilly rilly rilly long. I can't take it on the plane....or can i?