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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ocotober 23 2007

holy crap.

So school? I really kind of suck at it. I mean, I remember this being the way of things when last i attempted it, but seriously, i really really really suck at it. I am only taking three clasees, rather than the night program's recommended four. English, Sociology, and History. You wouldn't think it would be that bad, but oh man, mah stoopids; let me show you them! i haven't read anything that wasn't school related since August when i finished up Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, which rocked my tiny world. I have only knit on my harvest sock swap pal's sock, and thank goodness for me she is in the midst of moving house so that i have a moment or two longer to get her package to her.


i'm not even playing warcraft that much, or hanging out on Ravelry nearly as much as i would like.

i hear you now, 'boo, hoo, cry me a river, you poor baby.' but really, i have no idea how to learn. i mean, how do you do that? i read over and over and then it all falls out of my head moments later. Finals? there is no way i have cumulative knowledge on any of this stuff! I can barely keep it all in my mind until the day of the test. pah! it pisses me off especially because i feel like i am wasting money and time. the house is a wreck, i am barley cooking anything other than soups and pastas, and i'm almost never at home anymore. how to learn? who teaches that course? and would i learn anything?