To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Almost three feet into the Doctor Who scarf! This is a version of the classic season 12 scarf first worn by Tom Baker...I was originally planning to do the scarf from season 18, as i like the colours so much more, but! I happened to be at Thrift Town the other day and had a major yarn score; a full clear garbage bag stuffed full of yarn for only $5! When i got it home and rummaged through, i found it was all Red Heart or Carron acrylic, and all in season 12 colours. Surely a sign. So i cast on that very day with 4 ridges of maroon, followed by 26 of off-white, then 5 of yellow...nearly one foot in right there! i am working on US 8 rosewood needles that i adore and have a very bad habit of sitting on and breaking. The scarf is about 8 inches wide, and true to the pattern, in garter stitch with no slipped edges.

I have finished the ninja's Misty Alpaca Umbilical Cord hat, i cast on 96 st onto US 4 Dpns, also rosewood, heh heh. I think i have just enough left over to make another hat for another baby that should pop into the real world here in a few weeks time.

I also finished the PI r square shawl, and am very dissapointed. Bleah. now to find a home for it. i had kind of hoped that it would be for me, but it is so clearly not!

I have no pictures of any of these things, as i am a dumbass and dropped my camera. it will now not retract the lens, and gives me an error message everytime i turn it on. My phone has a camera in it, but i have never found this magical $30 cable that is supposed to take the pictures from the indside of the phone to the inside of the computer. No, not even the folks at the phone store sell it. But they know about it! ah well.

in other exciting news, i finally got the Orange Box, and am having the best time playing Portal.
I love my weighted companion cube!

Friday, January 04, 2008

ok, so i have been away for a while, bad bad me.

Wait, what the hell do you care? Who are you anyway...the journaling/blogging thing has always confused me on this topic. So i am ignoring it.

School kicked my ass five ways from sunday, and i was only taking three classes. This upcoming semester i will cut it down and take only two; philosophy and psychology, neither of which i am particularly interested in. I wasn't crazy about Sociology or History either, but i made it through ok. perhaps i should set up some kind of video game reward system? no, that would never work, i haven't the willpower.

As to knitting, there has been tremendous resurgence on that front, as i am all kinds of knocked up and the small ninja demands i knit for it. so i do. Yes, there is a ninja on board, and we are all stunned and surprised, believe you me. This one has not only snuck past all the counter-measures, but has then added insult to injury by making me sick. Bleah. I was never sick with The Boy (who is now 7). So this on had damn well better be a girl. Anias Ninja has a nice ring to it. yes?

On the Needles:

Umbilical Cord Hat in Misty Alpaca

Surprise Baby Jacket in Cascade Superwash

Pi R Square Shawl in Turino Silk

real photos of *my* projects will be here soon... i think. don't hold me to this.