To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Friday, November 24, 2006

holy cats

it's been a crazy long time since i posted anything here. The little boy is in school now, and i was looking forward to all this time, this golrious glorious block of time 5 days a week when i could knit, iron whilst watching buffy the vampire slayer, mop without shooing dirty feet out of my way, plan nice dinners, get the grocery shopping done and all other errands that would take time away from hanging out with the little boy and helping him with school.


i now spend more time at the the school than he does! I found out that there was no art program at his school for upper grades, the 4th 5th and 6th, so i thought, hey, i have all of the time now, i can host an art class and that would be easy and fun. It is fun, but it's not very easy, and it takes up so much more time than just the hour the class actually happens in. The fourth graders i get to work with directly in their classroom, all 33 of them. The fith and sixth graders come afterschool in a smaller group, since it's optional, haha. And it's all girls, go figure!

Then my duties as PTA board member, and signing up for every damn committee that comes my way, uh, well, we are eating more readymade food than ever. it's terrible. i can't manage my time for shit! (sorry mom) The knitting is gathering dust, and so is every surface in my house. I'm living the mom's taxi cliche that i swore ages ago that anyone seeing me buy into this crap could shoot me on sight. Netflix is making such money on me, i can rarely get a movie watched in under two weeks. Fitzcaraldo has been lost and re-found twice! Library books are being returned unread, and Warcraft characters unleveled.

It's getting to the point where i understand why people want vacations, and that's just not right.

Enough of the pity party, i've got the boys home today, the big one is in his shop, the little one obsessing over the connect four game i got him. (he's got a major fondness for making patterns) so really i should be better using this time to fold
some laundry and dust.

Oh, the dust.

Recent books:

The Thirteenth Tale: well, if you like V.C. Andrews but wish it was better written, this is the book for you. A crazy inbred family collapses in on its self like a flan in a cupboard. The twist is that it is set in the English countryside rather thatn the American south. Shocker!


Edward Scisorhands:
A tenth aniversary re-issue which is pretty weak. Glad i only paind ten bucks for it at the grocery store. Sure it's widescreen and has an easter egg in the menus, but the extras are superweak. Paft, i say. PAFT!


Mousehat: The little boy's favourite kid is having a birthday in a week, the same day as two others, and well, everyone is getting a hat. this one is a mouse hat, as they play that they are super mice who save other mice from mousey doom of one kind or another. gripping!

Ms. D's sweater: having been ripped four times, i am finally making good progress on it. Two sleeves and most of the back done. whew!