To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Twisted Stitch, knitting lessons.

If you are living in, or traveling through the San Francisco Bay Area and find that you absolutely gotta have a knitting lesson, one-on-one, in a cozy chair, with tea and possibly biscuits, contact me! I live in El Sobrante and am often available with a few days' notice. Did you make a mistake and just can't face ripping? I can help you there too. Just want a quick refresher? Or are you starting out for the first time and don't even yet know if you are a picker or thrower? Drop me a line. Rates as of January 2006:

One hour deluxe lesson:

A one-on-one instruction perfect for first time knitters
How to make your own needles
A ball of yarn
Cast-on, Knit, Purl & Yarn Over, Bind-off
A pattern for a first project
A quick reference booklet

kids are welcome to hang out during your lesson, but if they would like to learn, they must have their own lesson.



Great for those who knit, or once did and are looking to re-awaken those skills!

45 minutes one-on-one instruction
subject matter arranged ahead to focus on your specific requests
bring a project that's been languishing in the back of the closet!


Do you have a group of freinds who'd like to learn together?A present for a friend? Perhaps your parent's group would like a lesson? Group rates are available for as little as $5 a person. Inquire as to specifics.

We all start somewhere

When I was six, I was knitting with this most hideous of red, white, and blue yarn. I am sure I loved it, I had a poncho in the same stuff. Then, I decided I needed a Dr. Who scarf. Perhaps a 17 foot long project is a bit much for a kindergartener, even if it is only garter stitch. I left the knitting alone for a long while, but have since returned to it with a renewed sense of a deficit of Dr. Who scarf in my life. Hopefully, I will rectify this situation before I die. In the meantime, I twist along tying knots in strings with the aid of pointy sticks. Perhaps you'd like to as well?