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Friday, May 05, 2006

off the rails.

my mother's day presents, started soooo long ago, are languishing, half-done. All three MOMS are in town for this year's hallmarking up of an otherwise nice day. I am going to have a luncheon hosted here at the Isle of Evil, and perhaps i am crazy for trying it, but let's see how it goes! I want to make the waffle cake again, it's rilly yummy and simple to make. maybe a fancy fruit cocktail? Pannini?

what yarn do you knit at a luncheon? I don't think that i myself have ever attended such a thing. I'm not the luncheon type. i'm more the grubbin' type. hence the aforementioned WWF cookbook that resides next to my stove.

the frickin' rock, dude!

so this lack of knitting has let up a bit more room for reading, and since the Knit One Read Two website seems out of commission, i'll list the past month's reads:

The Ninth Life of Luis Drax: Not for folks who get freaked out about violence done to or done by children. That said, it's just short of being a fantastic book. I can't exactly lay my finger on why it's not fantastic, but it just isn't. Maybe it's too short? I was through it in two days which is fast even for me. Louis Drax is a pretty believable child, not written to high above his given age, but not so of his age he's just not interesting. He's an astonishingly accident prone boy who lives in france with his stay at home mother and airplane pilot father. For the bulk of the book he his the narrator, but it also cuts in with a medical doctor who oversees louis after one of his 'accidents' and the two become very close, although not in any way you might expect, and ew, no, not in *that* way. The mystery surrounding his condition is all at once completely obvious, yet a bit unexpected since it is so obvious. Maybe that's my beef with it. And it's too short.

I'd like to knit a scarf hat and mitten set with hamsters on them, but the hamsters are all named "muhammed" and we all know where that leads to.....

The Perfect Storm: Finally got around to it, as the husband bought it when it came out, and i even ignored the movie when it came out. why? why? i cannot say. I just caught the movie on late night tv the other week, then went directly to the bookshelf, grabbed it, and started reading that night. Holy @#$@#$#&^%!!!!!! and really, let me say again, HOLY #$%#$R%!@#!!!!!
the movie was faithful to the book in that many incedents related in the book were portrayed in the movie, only who they happened to and when was changed around quite a bit. Did it make any difference? no, not really, as no one knows what happened onboard the ship Andrea Gail, no transcripts, ships don't have blck boxes, and they never radioed in. But man! HOLY #$#@%!#@$%!!!!!!!

i intend to knit a nautical theemed shawl in fogbank grey, and name it Andrea Gail.

Money, a Memoir: A non-fiction book written like a companion the Perfect Madness, Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety. Very short, full of personal stories of women from many walks of life (but most of them walking in fairly nice shoes) and their relationship with money. It reall made me think a lot about how i never think about money, and how i really need to. I'd reccomend it to anyone.

maybe i should felt a wallet? or perhaps, just not spend so much on yarn. NAH!!!

The Tattoo Artist: A depression era surrealist artist is shipwrecked on an island where the natives tattoo themselves constantly and completely. I could not put this down. The writing is graceful and so barely noticeable it feels as though the characters are simply in your head and before your eyes, you are seeing it all unfold right then and there. Another short read, take it on a plane ride, your seatmate won't hear a peep out of you the enitre time, however.

i wonder if size 0000 steels would pierce skin? it's time to try intarsia again. a norwegian style
modern primitive sweater? hmmm.....