To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lazy summer days are over.

School starts next Monday! It can hardly be happening, but the little boy will be attending Kindergarten for 2 1/2 hours everyday. Super exciting. And while it is super tempting to spend all this new time playing WoW, or watching Buffy re-runs, I am going to attempt to not do either of these things. The school has a knitting club that meets during the lunch period, so maybe I will help out with that. I've also volunteered to teach an afterschool art program, so we'll see how that goes. Now, here's the knitting:

Ms. D's cardi: this has been very hard, but the best knitting I've done. I have two nice swatches, and most of one sleeve. Not very much, eh? No, not really. The cable that I'm putting on the Sweater has made my gauge really small in places, and I just don't know how to do the math needed. The cable varies in size greatly, from the beginning three strand braid to a large, wide, candle-flame like form that ends in a point. It's wicked cool, I may make one for myself. If I ever make this one correctly.

Silent auction shawl: Also my own recipe. A basically triangular shawl with a panel of lace running thru the center. I'd say it was 80 percent done. The Silent Auction it's going towards is in the spring, so i'm in no hurry.

Chain Mail 2.0: For some reason, as easy as this is to do, i've screwed it up two times, and the renaissance Faire is this weekend. I have basically one day to finish it. Again. For the third time. yikes!

Strawberry hat: For a little girl i babysit for, since it's wool, i can confidently pause halfway thru on it, since she won't be wearing it until at least November, if then. It's California, after all.

Super Secret Project X: hopefully this will be in the mail. Like, soon. I'm going to have to overnight it to get it there.

Pictures later, as I have let my camera battery run down completely.