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Thursday, July 16, 2009

In which the blog is consumed by the Sony E~Reader 505.

w00t~! I got home from the dentist; grabbed the baby to nurse her, wrangled the boy into clothes, and was saying goodbye to The Husband as he went to catch a train (I pick *early* appointments) when the postman knocked on the door, his arms full o' crap! Packages! Junk mail! Magazines! More junk! A Bill, maybe three! The first of the packages was my Sweet Libertine order, awesome (eleventybillion). The second was Not For Me. The third was the E-Reader; huzzah! I unwrapped it best I could while eating Husbandmade Waffles with blueberries and cream while still nursing the Screamapillar and once I had it free i just turned it on. Instructions? pfffft. What do you know, it had a full battery charge. Also? It's RED...ooooohhh...fancy. Just like my wee I-pod clarice. In fact, almost the very same red. spooky. The other thing i notice right away is how small it is, and how this totally blows for the cozy i had been knitting it that looks like a TARDIS. Ah well, she won't mind. Oh yes, it's female, i know that much right away. Like i knew my oven was male, and named carl. The name will come to me, i thought as i flipped through various files on the reader (Amanda? Like Amanda Palmer?) while still nursing and eating breakfast. O. M. G. Normally it is hardly compatible to nurse and do anything, since feeding Screamapillar is like trying to feed a RAGE infected monkey from 28 Days Later, oh and there go her feet, all in my blueberries....

BUT! Back to the Sony. It has quite a few book excerpts, that if i was in my right mind, i could read and even possibly make sense of. Warren Buffet! Richard Dawkins! A NY Times thingy of some sort! But i am not in my right mind have have not seen hide nor hair of it since the advent of children, so i look for something, erm, less challenging. Marley and Me? Oh, no frakking way. Here we are, George Martin. niiiiiice! About 40 pages from the first song of fire and ice book.

So i flip pages, yeah- one handed, that's right beyotches! that's how i roll! And i am really pleased that i can hold the reader firmly enough that i have no fear of dropping it on the Screamapillar's head, yet i can exert a bit of extra pressure with my thumb to make a difference with the page forward button at the lower left hand corner. BRILLIANT!

Also included along with book samplage are lovely photos of some models and a lamp post, two musical tracks that i realize i need my headphones to listen to, so whatevers, next- the user guide-pffffft, and a whole bunch of other settings and things to poke at. No lighting for the screen is a bit disappointing, but i notice there is a dock at the bottom that i just know my worm light from my game boy will fit in to- bonus!

So far the only negatives are that it's a bit heavier than i expected, and WTF is up with the mini seizure it has when turning a page? ug. really unpleasant to look at.

This is getting to be a bit much now, it's time to make some @lilithsaintcrow Cookies Of Doom and i'll get back to this business in a moment.


Anonymous MamaNice said...

Yes! Someone else who refers to their mate as "the husband" in blog posts! I like the moniker Screamapillar. Mine turned 14 months yesterday so as of 2 months ago my nursing days are over...but I think the how comfy the e-reader makes reading while nursing is a whole galaxy of a selling point in itself! I spent my years of nights nursing re-listening to the Outlander series on audio. Enjoy! (the e-reader, not the nursing so much).

8:57 PM

OpenID meopta said...

Extra points for the old school gameboy worm light reference.

But my one handed reading jokes were of a different slant. Yours is practical, mine was marketing angles. All of them shameful.

9:26 PM

Blogger roccermom said...

oh i made both kinds of one-handed reading jokes in my essay to The Bitches, oh yes i did.

10:32 AM


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