To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In which i fail to think of a suitably witty title.

I really can't believe how well the E-Reader is working for me. i mean, i really really really can't! i am death to electronics, and if there is a way to screw something up on a computer? you bet i will find it. mostly just by looking at the thing. My poor computer, Mr. Donuts (yeah, don't ask) (no, really, i won't tell you anyway) is nearly 5 years old, and this year seems to be a challenging one. everything is breaking I tunes ate my library again, then tripled it, so now i have three or sometimes even more copies of most of my songs. Warcraft is nigh on unplayable, Firefox just will not start some days, and running a game on Steam is taxing to the point of total system crashage. But this sony E-reader and it's little slightly dumb library program? no problema. It's so weird that i just can't believe it.

However, unhooked and in the world, i do fear for the thing constantly. the cover is nice and posh looking, and has a small magnetic closure- but it is very weak. it comes open if i look at it funny. and i am pretty funny looking, so there you are. i'm terrified to put it in my backpack, and usually nestle it in with my knitting to somehow cushion it. also? i read a lot at night, as my baby still hasn't learned to sleep. no, it's only been 13 months of 4 hours of sleep a night- why do you ask? (HELP ME PLEASE.) and when she finally does fall a-snooze for an hour, and i can too, i tuck whatever book i am reading under my pillow. The Screamapillar likes to step on my head a lot, and now i am terrified that she will step where the e-reader is and crack! there will go the display just like my pacman digital wristwatch in 7th grade when i forgot to take it off during P.E. Damn that thing was so cool, but not compatible with volleyball.

In other news, i still have a few dollars left on my gift certificate, and am waiting until the first week of august for a particular book set in Caesar's Rome to come out. SQUEEEE.