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Friday, July 17, 2009

In which we become assimilated.

But first, our internet required cat picture. Don't want to get any fines, ya know. Sumi is here depicted snoozing on her knitted happy place bed, which is on the kitty condo that she only uses because i moved it under the mud room window, giving her full view of the back yard and that other black cat with the one eyebrow; her nemesis.

The E-Reader; Rose- well, she is a giving me the problems and oy and vey, i broke down and read the instructions!

First, a few months ago, the USB ports on the computer crapped out. All four. All at once. Weird, huh? Naturally, i assumed it was just Clarice, my I-pod, being awful. I-tunes is a program forged by Feklar himself, and my last I-pod; Edward- was a $400 paperweight and i have never let go of my hatred. But in bringing clariece over to The Husband's computer, i found that it was not so, as she connected straight away. Seeing how Rose needs to connect via USB, and i had not thought of that when i entered the contest, i emailed SB Sarah to drop out. However, she pointed out the SD option and all was good. OR SO I THOUGHT.

I went to the Sony bookstore, very like Itunes, and grabbed a bunch of freebies, just to test things out. I also got a couple of the Google freebies for comparison. Downloading was easy peasy one-two-threesey for both and i saved them to an SD card which i popped into RoseReader, flipped the switch, and saw that there were the books! WIN! OR SO IT SEEMED.

But i could not read the books, neither the google nor the sony. Ok, i figured, it has got to be some sort of authorization issue eiyther concerning the files or the reader. I went back to the 'puter to fix this and found no obvious way to do so. right~clicked every bloody thing i could. nada. zip, zero, zilch. Huh. So i try another file i had, a PDF book a freind bought and sent to me so i could 'enjoy' it with a Ravelry-based book club called Comedy of Errors. (So NSFW your head will spin and pop right off into hyperspace.) It is of course the infamous Knight Moves by Jamaica Layne, which i mentioned last post. This i can read no problem. right from the SD card. In a desperate move i took rosereader and jammed that cable in the USB port, and got my same dumb error message. ah well. OR SO IT APPEARED.

Yet, she was recognized by both calibre and the sony library! Awe Hell Yeah! So i drag and drop the books on to the reader from the Sony library and repeat the previous step. Now i can read the Google books, but not the sony ones! So i drag and drop them to rosereader from calibre, same thing! i can read the googlebooks but not the sonybooks! I post a long ranty email to the readers' test drive group, and consult the help file, and eventually find the bassakwards way that the deauthorization process needs to be taken care of. it seems that in trying to make the library program simple to use, a lot of functionality is nerfed. AND THAT IS THE SO.

Now, the USB ports are still recognizing rosereader, wow! and i think i will take my mad money to the store and use my one~handed reader to get some one~handed reads. ooooooh yeah.


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