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Thursday, July 23, 2009

In which we get tarted up a bit.

I broke down and bought a cord to charge the RoseReader with an outlet since my USB ports are all dead. $24.99, crap! But i had no other equivalent device to press in to service, sooooo. I figure it balances out since i get $25 of free books. Anyway, other than books, what can i put on this thing? And why would I want to? Because i can. So i did.

first i started off with a picture of the cat, as per Internet regulations, then i added a few pictures of the kids. One or two of the boy at his faerey wedding to his Kindergarten sweetheart, and one of screamapillar doing her thing. The pictures look like total shite; most likely as a result of my less than stellar photo skills, my cheapass camera, and that the RoseReader renders them black and grey. No white. So, um, yeah. i do not think i would ever use such a function if i owned this thing.

next, i grabbed a bunch of random music out of the library and plopped it on to the RoseReader;
The Grinderman album, a few tunes from Cibo Matto and 1000 Homo Djs, a William Shatner and Yoko Kano. The reader has no speakers, so i grab my headphones; the snazzy ones that match my i-pod Clarice and rosereader. these headphones rock socks. The sound quality is ok, but i am not a real connesiere anyway, but nor would i exclaim "is it real or is it Memorex?" while listening. Again, this seems like a feature i would not really ever use. I have an i-pod, who's capacity and sound quality is better.

So after a few hours of playing around with these features, i need to charge ms. rose up! So i plug her in to the outlet and time it. In two hours i come back and she is full of sparkly energy, like a little electrical vampire.

Also, my USB ports, broken as they are, seem to love her. They love her to the point that it seems her miraculous healing powers have allowed them to go on speaking terms with Clarice the i-pod again, and i sync her up for the first time in months. oh, man. that was good. Even The Boy was getting tired of Doctor Horrible. and that is saying something, as he plans to be the good Doctor for Halloween-(white costume, not red and black).

The Next day i set aside for only reading, no extraneous features like crappy pictures or music i have elsewhere. I read the whole of The Invisible Man, and make use of the bookmark feature, which i love so hard i wish i could do something similar in Itunes, so that i don't have to keep track of where i am in audio books with little post its stuck to my monitor. Maybe there is something like this in Itunes, but i'd never know since it doesn't really come with INSTRUCTIONS, does it? Mac bastards. Now i know that i almost never use instructions, but i like them to be there when i get stuck, or want to know about features that might not be obvious. Anyway, back to the reader; even though it spent much of the day on various counters and tables and a few hours in my knitting basket, it was always on. How many bars of battery did i use? NONE! wow. neat.


Anonymous Mama Nice said...

I tried putting a few pics on there too, and I agree - blech.

Hmmmm, I think ipod instructions and tutorials can be found on-line...though the search time may not be worth it (better to just go with trial and error).

How nice that the e-reader is working some magic on your usb's! Odd, but I wouldn't question it!

Keep enjoying your reading...the husband fears he will have to buy me one after this trial or suffer my pangs of withdrawal

7:06 AM


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